“Balance. You need to have the right balance to enjoy the quality of life. In your younger years you have to work hard and make money and in your older years you shift your focus a bit and enjoy life. You can’t focus on career and money forever. Some friends of mine are still working really hard, focusing on their careers and I ask them: When will you settle down and start living? You’re 55/60 and don’t really have that much time left. One day we’ll be old and that’s when you will be looking back on your younger years and remember what you have done.

That’s why I find it also important to remain healthy. I don’t smoke, take a walk everyday and try to eat well. I want to enjoy life. I’m financially well off and I’m retired since 10 years. I like to travel a lot. And I also acknowledge that I am privileged and I’m grateful for what I have. I feel like many people don’t realize how lucky we are in life.”

– A Dutch man I met on Dam Square. He’s 52 and came from the south of the country to visit Amsterdam with his family. He told me some interesting travel stories and he seemed like a nice guy overall. At the end he waved me goodbye saying: ‘Have a nice life!’.

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