“Balance. For instance, in Buddhism they have the following three things: to say, to think and to do. These three things need to be in harmony. Sometimes people speak but don’t think. Or they think but don’t do what they want. People live their lives simple and empty. Remaining in the same rhythm and trying to fit in societal standards. What distinguishes us from animals? Animals eat, reproduce and sleep. But we humans are capable of much more. We are able to criticize, understand and research. Always research. Explore, discover and learn. When I look at the new generation it makes me sad. I see people who fall for the lies and the illusion of society. People who are lured to pleasure and satisfaction without understanding purpose and meaning.”


– Pino, an Italian man I met on Rembrandtplein. I stopped there to have a word with a friend (who was featured earlier in the Declenimo project) when Pino passed by. At first he seemed like a jolly, fun guy but after talking it appeared that he is also somebody who tries to develop a deeper understanding of life and himself. Overall a friendly and interesting guy.

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