“Not so long ago, I went on Umrah (pilgrimage to Mecca). And something then changed about me. Before, I had only been from here to Morocco through Belgium, France and Spain and already thought I had seen a lot. Not even fully experiencing those countries inbetween, just driving through it. But when I went to Mecca, I experienced something else. I truly discovered the beauty of going somewhere else, seeing something new. I met new people from different countries, I’ve heard beautiful stories and I visited new stunning places. I want to see more, to discover more. And I don’t think I’ll travel to another place that is more beautiful than Mecca but nevertheless, the world is scattered with countless amazing destinations and secrets to discover.”


– The very first answer I got back home. Initially, his answer was “I seek to learn from what life will teach me”. But we met again and he came back to his answer. He believed that the first answer indicated a rather passive behaviour. As if he waits for life to guide him rather than going after it yourself. The answer comes from a young man who is studying in Amsterdam, now 18 years old. Answer 1 of 101.

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