“I’ve worked here in the Netherlands for 25/ 26 years now. I’ve always had it good. Sufficient salary, nothing to complain. But when I go back to India, I feel so bad. People have nothing to eat, no medicine or healthcare, no money. I wish to give back to the world. God blessed everybody with power. We need to use this power to spread love. There is no point in fighting each other. If I punch you, you will punch me twice, and I’ll punch you three times and so on. Meditation is what we need. Meditation is nutrition for the brain and we need to use our brains to think positive and learn to love. I seek equality peace and among all of God’s children.”

– Indian meditator, active for the Brahma Kumaris spiritual academy. A man who is fully convinced that love and peace are the answers to the problems in life and means every single one of his words with so much passion. People like him genuinely care about the people on this planet. He used to be a sikh but is not anymore, to make time and try to solve the important problems. “There is one God. All the principles from the other religions are so good and right, but there can not be a God for every religion. If we worry too much about other religions and about who is right, we focus on our individual interests rather than on what is important…”

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