“To make the people achieve their potential. And at the moment I’m trying to get my stuff back. A yacht and 85000 euro.

In 2009, the municipality took my yacht and all valuable stuff inside. They confiscated it. Ever since I’ve tried to reclaim what belongs to me. They said, shortly after they confiscated my yacht that they ‘accidentally’ destroyed it. I used to live in that yacht. And just like that, they put me on the streets. They tried to cover it up and put the whole issue away. They’ve tried to take me out as well. I’ve been attacked a few times with the intention to make me disappear. If I’m not there, there is no problem either. According to them my stuff inside the yacht was gone too. Not long after they had taken everything I found my own boots, that were inside the yacht, on a market somewhere and bought them back.

We are losing our humanity. Back in the days we were more mindful, more empathetic. We lost our identity and sovereignty to corporations and governments. We need to go back to being human again. To care for one another. That is the essence of being human. And I wish to help people to get there.”

– Jacob, a homeless man I met on Rokin. Jacob is a former pilot and¬†anthropologist. He is a real Amsterdammer and loves to tell stories. He told me stories about his life and how Amsterdam was created. It’s a story of a stranded ship and the promise to build the Saint Olof chapel wherever the ship would strand. This chapel is where Amsterdam started according to the stories. I was disgusted to hear about the crime committed against Jacob by the authorities themselves. I wonder how this story will develop.

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