“I don’t seek anything in life man. I got what I want, I’m happy and I just live. I’m from America and I get around by doing what I got to do. In life, you got to choose what you do. I observe people here in Amsterdam and it makes me sad seeing the ‘structural’ people working 09:00 – 17:00 jobs to then buy stuff and try to escape to holiday after a long period of hard work. A holiday they might not even enjoy that much. Use your potential, start a business, be free and fuck the system. If you have a chance to do so, travel and spend some time abroad.”

– Homeless painting artist from New York. Found him next to Stationsplein on a bench and got my attention when I overheard his talk with a drunk, homeless person. Surprisingly a very interesting conversation. He went through a lot in life and studied Sociology in America. He also let me listen to some music he made and smiled proudly when I told him it’s pretty good. He wants to start recording in a studio. He also showed me some of the paintings he made. There is so much wisdom and life lessons I learned during that conversation, that I could have never expected if I’d just look at him without knowing him.

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