New York –


“Liberation. We are controlled by all what we see. I wish to liberate myself from the police. Are you a cop?”

– The one who inspired me to start this. After getting our cup of milk from the Starbucks, we found this guy sitting in front of the Starbucks on Times Square. We sat down with him and he explained all sorts of conspiracy theories. He was more sophisticated than you’d think. Sometimes he rants a bit too wild but there is a core of truth in his story. We are limited in a way. We are being pushed in a direction to a certain extent. We do follow the lines of society. At one moment, he asked for our names. We kindly answered but it went wrong when I asked him for his name. He got a bit too suspicious and literally started to talk incomprehensible nonsense. I probably got to the sensitive information and he still wasn’t sure whether I was a cop or not. That was the moment we decided to move on…



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