“Comfort. For my life to be comfortable and me to enjoy it. It isn’t really something you measure, more a feeling. There is a division of elements that altogether form my happiness and comfort: my personal goals, close environment and taking care of myself. If one falls or breaks down, the others fall too. It’s like a balance. Comfort can be looked at from different perspectives: financial, social, personal etc. At the moment I feel comfortable. I got friends and I know who’s close with me, I maintain relationships with my family and don’t have much to complain about. But just like that, it could also be gone. It’s up to me then to deal with it accordingly and work on myself. But I know I can.”

– A French girl who I’ve known as a friend for some time already. She happened to be on the same trip to New York, 2 years ago when we talked with the very first guy who we asked the question. She has thought about this question for some time already and I could tell that experiences and thorough thought shaped her and her answer. Furthermore a very sympathetic lady who happens to be celebrating a one-year anniversary with her boyfriend this weekend. Answer number 100.

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