“Just happiness. I’m happy now, but of course not all the time. I try to help people as much as possible. My family, friends, neighbors. My days of school are over. I got my bachelor and Masters and I think that’s enough education for me. Though, I must say, you keep on learning in life. What makes me happy in life? Difficult to say, so many things can make me happy. The weather, people, peace etc. I like to focus on taking care of my family and myself.”

– A smiling, Thai man I met on the train. He’s in the Netherlands now for 14 years. He is a very supportive man who loves to interact with people. He used to be a nurse but he couldn’t handle seeing people sick and suffering. Though he is not exactly doing what he loves to do now, he still smiles and embraces life. He escapes the daily, boring routine by painting every now and then. He recommended me the book ‘Skillful Means, Patterns for Success’ by Tarthang Tulku. Another one for the bucket list.

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