Ottawa –


“The purpose of life is life with purpose. I think purpose is the reason you wake up in the morning. What wakes me up in the morning now is my girl that I care about. But you know, I live on the streets now, I sleep in a shelter, get my food from the center. I am an alcohol addict and a drug addict (mainly an alcohol addict). I used to run 2 businesses and be a social psychologist and save people’s lives. Now people save my life, over and over again. I have been everywhere because of my addiction and homelessness. I lost thousands and thousands of dollars. It makes me emotional when someone helps another as an act of humanity. The owner of this restaurant nearby once said that if I ever needed something, I should just walk into the restaurant and say so. So I did one day, and I got this plate full of food. I walked towards the cashier to talk about money and paying but the owner’s son stopped me halfway and said its okay. I then cried.”

– Homeless guy that me and my friend met near the LCBO on Rideau Street. We started talking with him and offered to buy him food from the supermarket. He said it wasn’t necessary since he gets food from the shelter, but we insisted. What was remarkable was that he was so modest, even though we offered to pay for anything and he could pick anything. He said he would feel guilty and in the end he still did not take much. He was so interesting and kind. This person has gone through so much in life, yet still stand on both his feet, smiling and holding on to purpose…

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