“It’s the small things in life. I never really was ambitious for anything big. I did have some important jobs but I never really longed for a high position or something. I stopped working early. I never was a career wolf. I had some part time jobs but nothing too special. Left the States 45 years ago to come to the Netherlands. I liked how everything here was so close to each other. How simple it was to travel to another city or country. I felt connected to life here so I decided to move.

I like things that make me feel good and others as well. It would be selfish to spend life only caring about yourself. It’s important to focus on the things that move us further together.”

– An American lady I met on the train towards Haarlem. We got talking when I was interested in what was in the tube she was carrying along. It turned out to be a cello bow. She apparently makes cello bows for a hobby for the past 10 years. She explained that on a weekly basis she’d go to Amsterdam where she works on her cello bow with a group of people who do the same under supervision of a mentor. I never expected there to be a (substantial) community in cello bow making. I took her picture but promised not to publish it online.

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