“To make a difference. I’m working currently on a medicine that could help a large amount of people. It’s an alternative that is also cheaper. The problem is that there are competitors out there that are earning quite more money on this. And they’re working against us. I don’t know why they’re making it difficult for us. We wouldn’t be causing any problems for them. We’re not a threat for them. I don’t get it. Part of the reason is greed, yes. But it’s not just that. There’s more to it.

I want to make a difference in different ways. To contribute and help people. I’m also looking for possibilities to create medicine and provide that for free to people. It’s not always about making money, it’s also about doing what you stand for and what is the right thing to do. If you make the right choices and do the right things, money will follow. But it should not be your primary concern.

I believe happiness is different from joy. Joy is what satisfies you and gives you positive energy whereas happiness is where your heart lies. It’s the things that fundamentally warms you from inside. What makes me happy? Moments with my family, walks on the beach. The small things. The things that result in beautiful memories. You can’t buy that, it just happens to you.”

– Chris, an Australian man I met in the Starbucks in Central Station. Chris was abroad for business and about to fly back to Australia. I hope he’ll succeed with his medicine. We need more people doing things for the sake of helping people and not people who work against them.

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